How to force Writer to re-render the text

There is a bug in text rendering engine for Arabic which happens occasionally. if I modify a word by adding a letter or a diacritic (Tashkeel in Arabic) which should affect the shaping of the word, the word doesn’t get updated to show the change, instead the new part appear as if it was written apart. I have to erase the word and rewrite in order to fix it. The question is how to force Writer to re-render the whole text in the document to fix such problems?

Please report your LibreOffice version and your Operating system.

LibreOffice on Fedora 21


I can not test in same environment, but maybe… ToolsUpdatePage Formatting would answer the question?


May be switch View Print / Web Layout ?


I thought about it but it didn’t help. It seems only related to font formatting not to text rendering.

The second suggestion also did nothing. Maybe I need to upload a sample, so that anyone can test on his PC.

Please do a try with [Shift+F5]

I’ve just tried it. It brings the cursor to the last working point.

It turns out that re-rendering text is as easy as changing any of the font character attributes. For example, I can change the font name or size and change it back to get the text re-rendered. Since the document may use different fonts and sizes, updating the whole text this way may cause partial formatting loss. My preferred way to circumvent this problem is to use: Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ] to change the font size one point and change it back.