How to format a single column into multiple columns?

Hello maybe this is a stupid question but how do you turn a single collum into multiple collums without altering the contents of it.
So that this:



becomes this:
1 2 3

Preferably in a way that lets me set up how many columns are created(so that say a column that has 50 rows is split into 9 columns).

Thanks in advance.

Is this in fact a calc question? If yes, please retag your question, since common means: The question is related to all LibreOffice modules as there are Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, Math.


please take a look into the answer to question LibreOffice Calc move every nth row

In your example case (9 rows to columns) the formula would be: N=9: =OFFSET($A$1,(COLUMN()-1)+(ROW()-1)*9-1,0) assuming your data are in column A and your formula starts in B1 (just put the formula into B1:J1 and drag down)

Hope that helps.