How to format *part* of bibliography short names in the text?


I am writing scientific texts and use the bibliography feature in LibreOffice 3.6 writer. Otherwise it works quite well, but there is one problem:

In the text itself, writer will insert the short name that I give for some reference, for example “Jones et al. [2012]”. Now, for some journals I need to format part of this short name text to italics, for instance “Jones et al.”, but leave “[2012]” in non-italics. I can see that I can change the whole grey field with “Jones et al. [2012]” to some other format (like italics), simply by selecting it and using the normal format tool. But I cannot see a way to do that with part of the field, as required here?

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Hi @Oalf – did Faure’s answer help you? Are you still looking for an answer to your problem? Please let us know.


I think Zotero citation extension for LO can do that, but you need to manage your bibliography with Zotero.
Zotero allows you to use predefined citation styles from scientific journals or publishers.