How to generate/merge a document from an application

Hello everyone,

I have a very general (somewhat vague) question. What I would wish to make is a document (in Writer) with “keywords”. This is the template. Another application replaces the keywords by real data, and saves the file under a new name. That application also launches Writer (with the newly created document).

That “application” gets its data from a database, plus some fields that the user types in. The application also stores information back into the database and does some other processing. I can build that application myself.

The reason is: this is the only task left for which we use Microsoft Word at our office. It is part of our main administration/bookkeeping system; invoice creation, invoice tracking, etc. It is old and has its limitations. I would like to redesign it, based on LibreOffice.

One option that I can think of: generate RTF (which is fairly easy). However, I prefer ODF.

Thiadmer Riemersma

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I would try to make all only in the database (LibO Base) and replace the Writer files by reports. This should be the easiest way.

I did something similar many years agon Access and only in Access.

OK. I admit, I could easily have answered my own question before asking it.

I had not realized that the ODF format is XML in a ZIP archive. Now that I know, generating a new ODF document from a template is as easy as doing it for RTF.

Thiadmer Riemersma