How to get a database connected to an envelope?

  1. Open the envelope (designed, formatted and ready-used yesterday when made and saved as a template
  2. View > data sources
  3. Select the data source (name>table>sheet1)
  4. File>Print
  5. Dialog: Your form contains address data fields
  6. Do you want to print a form? YES!!!
  7. The data source (not the name of the selected data source) cannot be found
  8. and this is where I sit dead in the water ???


This is the only message I come close to as far as you question:

image description

With the exception of the actual data source name, if this is your message, it is because the database (& its’ fields) the envelope was designed with is not registered. Now I can’t tell you how this happened since when designing an envelope it only allows the usage of registered database names/fields. This is, of course, if you created the envelope starting with menu selection Insert->Envelope. This dialog then only shows registered DB’s.

Databases are registered at creation if the option is selected (the default is YES) or manually thru the menu - Tools->Options (or LibreOffice > Preferences if MAC) then LibreOffice Base->Databases. Databases can be registered using the New... button.

To correct this, you must have the database you used for the fields on the envelope design registered. Then only that database table/query will generate the wanted results. You cannot use a different source than the design.

If this is not the error you are getting, more specific information on the error is necessary.

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Just a note, with the above error message, clicking on Check Connection Settings... should take you immediately to the registration of a database area.