How to get an ADO connection?

I want to open a MS Access database (mdb). All I found in the help (deep down bay search) was I have to use an ADO connection.
Nothing else is presented in the dialog.
I mention there has to be a driver for which is not installed yet.
How to get?

Your own ‘answer’ suggests you use Mac OSX, correct? That information could be relevant.

Thank you.
The drivers I can chosse are: JDBC, Oracle JDBC, Mac OS X address book (which doesn’t do in another case), Thunderbird/Icedove address book, table document, dBASE, Text, MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL.

I tried JDBC and ODBC and Oracle jDBC.
In all cases I treid with path and Path+filename without success.
If I leave the fields empty the connection test fails.

Sorry but without “karma” I cannot upload screen shots…

Hi goetzibubu,
please take a look to this link, I think can be helpful.

Are you sure to have the compliance with the prerequisites on Windows?

image description
image description