How to get automatic chapter numbering

The help pages say that you can get chapter numbering by going to tools, selecting chapter numbering, then filling in the information and it should give a way to number chapters. I do that and click OK but nothing appears in the document. What am I doing wrong? It would be great to have chapter numbers automatically assigned so that if I insert a chapter I don’t have to manually re-number all subsequent chapters.

Updated to, set at heading 1, numbers 1, 2, 3… start at 1, character style none. Still nothing.

Not sure what you mean by clip icon in edit mode. I cannot find such an icon in writer and when I use the snip tool I cannot insert here what I snip.

OK, here is a snip of what I do with the chapter number tool, is that what you need? When I click OK nothing happens.

  • Did you assign paragraph styles Heading 1, Heading 2 … to your chapter headings ?
  • Did you select the number format to be used in dialog Tools -> Chapter Numbering -> Dropdown: Number for the levels (if you don’t do that assignment, indeed nothing will happen, even if you used paragraph styles)?

Hello, your version of LibreOffice is not the latest one, which is either (still - release) or (fresh - release). Could you please provide a sample file with some dummy text but the settings you made?
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Your “Text sample …” is not what I requested, since it doesn’t show your real settings. I’ve requested “a sample file …”, which is of course meant to upload an .odt writer file using the clip icon in edit mode.

I mean, when you edit this question there are several icons for several functions - and the red one, which shows a clip, allows to upload a sample file:
image description

Now I give up … .png <> .odt - what is a screenshot telling about the content and definitions?

meant to upload an .odt writer file using

What is unclear with this ?

I did all that, still nothing. I’m on version (x64) which I believe is the latest version.

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