How to get back a document I accidentally deleted

So I was working this document, and I hadn’t saved at any point.
I was switching pages and yes, I managed to press ‘‘x’’, and ‘‘delete unsaved’’ accidentally.
Is there any possibillity to get back the document somehow?

Probably not since you didn’t save the document.

Go to Options → Load/Save and enable ‘Save autorecovery information’ and set it to 10 minutes to prevent future loss again.

Update 2016.0303:
I am updating this post based on @LibreGuy’s comments.

After re-reading the question, I realized that I had hurriedly read the question the first time and completely missed the most important part – that the file had never been saved. This is uncharacteristic of me, and I would stand corrected were it not for the fact that the OP marked my response as correct – so perhaps the file was auto-saved after all.

I would simply delete my post were it not for @LibreGuy’s remaining comment concerning the last line of my post concerning the check mark.

I would have responded privately, but found no way to do so. I ask the forum’s indulgence as I respond here – and I apologize if doing so is inappropriate on this forum.

@LibreGuy, I have no intention of getting into a flame-throwing war, but I do find it necessary to respond to your remark.

It appears from your profile that both of us are relatively new to this forum. However, I have observed other long-time members on this forum including similar text in their posts – and I am not aware that I have violated any etiquette or protocol on this or similar forums on which I have participated.

You are entitled to your opinion (as am I), but you are not entitled to second guess my motives or upbraid me. Indeed, I find your chiding inappropriate.

I have much more to do than to collect points. I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t interested in helping others and giving back a little.

I hope we can consider this the end of the matter. I’m sure both of us have better things to do – including helping others on this forum.

Have a good day.

It's possible. I don't know the operating system you are using, but deleted files are not actually deleted -- at least at first.

When you first delete a file, the first character is changed to a question mark ("?") to hide it from the operating system. As long as you don’t save another file that uses part or all of the cluster or clusters containing the “deleted” file, you can get it back. Look on the web for software apps to “undelete” files. There are many of them.

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Deleted files can indeed be restored by using special software. However, there has to be an existing file first. In this case there is no file at all so your solution won’t work.

Mind me saying that I find your last sentence in bold letters asking people to vote for your question quite inappropriate. Your intention should be to help other people, not to get high karma or something. Just my humble opinion.


I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to reply. Thanks. I don’t know if others use a similar sentence. As you explained it’s not your intention to get high karma or something, but when I read your post it seems like that. Bold letters screaming “vote for my answer”. It’s the first thing I see. I don’t think it’s something you should ask for. When people appreciate your answer they will vote for it by themselves. It’s just some good advice. No hard feelings. Take care!

Absolutely no hard feelings. And I’m sure you’ll appreciate that we may differ as to the quality of your unsolicited advice. Hoping to be a fair-minded person, I’ll give it the consideration I believe it deserves. You take care as well. Have a great evening.