How to get back to LO 5 in Ubuntu

There are a lot of open bugs related to everything from 6.0 up, mostly in Ubuntu but also on some other distros. It has not found an easy fix because most of the reports I have read indicate that it is so random that a way of replicating the problem has not been found as of this date. 2018-04-16.

One person found installing 6.1 snap version seemed to work.
in same bug report

Bug 120479 - Crash in:


reports that LibreOffice 6.0.1 is not crashing randomly in Ubuntu 18.01

When I tried to install the 6.1 snap version from the Ubuntu Software store, I got an
“Unable to install snapd:” [base missing] error.

I am pursuing a fix to that on

Given that I have found no easy or clear way to “Roll back” to LO 6.0.0 or LO 5.7.x as both are only in the archives at this point.

If someone could point me to a tutorial or instructions on how to safely install a LibreOffice deb from the archives I would appreciate it greatly. These crashes happen about every third save, opening, and during even the crash report of the last crash.

thank you, anyone.

It will take some more testing but the answer seems to arrived just in time.
LibreOffice is available in the Ubuntu Software Store, Updated 04/17/2019 as a snap.

For some reason, I had to uninstall my 6.1 completely for the snap to successfully install.

Note: if you have any special dictionaries or templates it will be easier add them to any upgrade by copying them to a folder for each in the home directory. Then add paths to them in options > paths after the new install]

The advantage of a snap install is that LibreOffice is installed as a complete unit without dependence on any existing libraries or other functions. So anything causing problems in previous installs has no effect on the new.

This is a great relief for me and I hope for anyone suffering from the UN-predictable crashes in 6.1 and 6.2.