How to get better contrast for highlighted cells/words in Writer?

I am LO since 2018 and a very happy user, but I have one issue with it.
When selecting table cells in Writer (LO Version: Build ID: 1:6.1.5-3+deb10u6), the light blue in the background is too light, not easy to pinpoint. In Word 2016 the selected cells show in dark gray and are easier to see.
Also, when I run Crtl+F to find a word, the light blue appears as the background color in the result(s). I barely can see where the cursor is and the highlighted/found word(s). Again, compared to Word 2016, all the found words/matches appear in yellow.
Is there a way to tweak LO to show a better color/contrast in these two features?
Please note I do not have any color problems nor any troubles with my vision.
Thank you for any suggestions.
Thelma L Sabim

This answer is very helpful. Thank you. A Mac user

This setting is not specific to LO. It is inherited from the global OS setting. Use your system configuration utility to change the selection highlighting colour. Apparently, you are under Debian (or a derivative) but you didn’t mention your desktop. Procedure varies slightly with desktop.

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Yes, it is Debian 10, Mate desktop. I will research to try another environment manager. Thanks a lot.