How to get libreoffice to find Java JRE file?

Hello. I downloaded the JRE java setup from Java website / oracle and installed it… I also downloaded and installed Libreoffice. I went to tools and options and tried to set the path to the JRE and it won’t find the same no matter what I do. I double checked that the JRE was indeed there by going to the command prompt and typing in Java -version and it came back with the JRE version, etc… What am I doing wrong?

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Maybe this link helps, Install the correct JRE - The Document Foundation Wiki
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In addition to the information requested by @Hrbrgr, if on macOS, whether or you are using the Arm processor build of LibreOffice.

I found it… I had to use a 32 bit version of the JRE and I have a 64 bit computer so that’s what I installed originally… I just downloaded the 32 bit version of the JRE and restarted Libreoffice and it worked great…
Thanks so much…