How to get repeat last executed action in Writer?

The shortcut for repeat [Ctrl+Y] works fine for texts, but not inside tables. I work a lot of PDF tables - academic transcripts messed up in the OCR recognition. In order to use the outputted file in Writer, I need to merge and split cells to make the table similar to the original, so I can type in the translation.
I am planning to program the F4 key to do this action [as I had in Word], but so far I did not succeed.
Is there a specified path to get this command (repeat last action) to work in a table?
Thank you.

There are reported bugs concerning the >Edit>Repeat feature, and some are related to TextTable.
In addition I just played around a minute with >Edit>Repeat and two bugs not yet reported were found.
Conclusion: The feature seems fragile. Also it doesn’t seem to be used to a large extent. Otherwise reports should be more complete, and more frequently commented.
I wouldn’t expect a fix to come soon, therefore.
TextTable_s not being simple (neither having split nor merged cells) are problematic anyway, and I never use them. You might try to find a way to also abandon the usage.

You can try to record or to write a macro for this task at your own risk.
Not for the “Repeat” task, but for the individual tasks, like the “Merge two adjacent cells based on the focused/selected cell”.