How to get rid of jump scrolling within Writer?

I have a serious problem to simply read a document with LibreOffice Writer.
Any kind of scrolling I try with the scrollbar or with the arrow keys leads to
a text move too fast for me to be able to continue reading the text I was just
reading. The scrolling doesn’t move the page content but rather make it jump.
I am constantly searching the point of focus where I was reading after any
scrolling jump. This is a blocking usability problem of Writer.

This kind of problem never happen within some other applications like
Firefox, Preview, Terminal, Pages, Keynote.
Then I conclude the problem is not coming from the OS.

On the other hand, Microsoft Word exhibit the same kind of jump scrolling
which lead me to leave this software for real work.
I have the same kind of “jump scrolling” on different versions of MacOS and Linux.

Is there a configuration to stop this “jump scrolling” behaviour of Writer?

technical details

OS : MacOS 10.10 → 10.13

       Kali Linux 2017 → 2019

LibreOffice : 6.0

You have made zero mention of LO version, nor OS. I am going to assume Windows.

  • Mouse causing page-jumps
    Check first whether it is an OS setup issue with this link as help.
  • Q51065 (2015) is identical to your own.
    @jimrybarski seems to have an answer on that page by setting use of the MMB (Middle Mouse Button) within menu:Tools | Options | LibreOffice | View to Automatic scrolling.


(My system: LO Version: under Devuan Linux 2.1 (ascii))

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I wrote “on different versions of MacOS and Linux”. I explicitely wrote this is not an OS problem.

Thank you for the reference. I read Q51065, but didn’t read any relevant answer. I think there are here two usability problems: the speed of scrolling and the fact that the scrolling rendering is a jump and not a regular motion.

Hi @alias-duel-zone

Yes, I did read where you said it was ‘not an OS problem’. I’ve provided masses of support & have lost count of the number of times that I’ve been told ‘it is not xyz’ only to discover 30 minutes down the road that yup, it is xyz. I found a link to conclusively say ‘yes it is’ or ‘no it is not’ due to the OS. Your choice how to act.

So you did not bother finding the MMB option? Or ‘Middle mouse button’ link? Or look for ‘jimrybarski’? Hmm.