How to get the object catalog back

I’ve unintentionally done something to make the object catalog go away in the IDE.

How do I get the object catalog back?

Menu/View/Object Catalog doesn’t seem to do it.

Along the same lines is there any doc about the IDE?



Please edit your question to improve it:

  • which component are you using? Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, Math? You tagged common, meaning the problem occurs with all

  • which is your LO version? (I don’t recognise Menu>View>Object Catalog)

  • IDE = integrated development environment??? Do you mean User Interface? Are you talking about writing macros?

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To get it back is pretty much the same as for any module, Customise.

First, open your Macro dialog, Tools > Macros > Organise macros > Basic.

In the new window click Tools > Customise, select the tab labelled Menus, under the heading Target, select View from the drop down. In the Available Commands pane find Object Catalog, then click the right facing arrow. Move Object catalog to where you would like it and OK out. Cheers, Al

There is a little documentation at Macro Guides, I seem to recall there was a Guide but I don’t see it now, not even in

Thank you, Sir.
While I don’t know why it went away yesterday, it was back today without me doing anything special.
Shutting down all LO files didn’t make a difference.
Knowing how to get it back will make life a little less frustrating, so bless you.