How to get the property "LineStartName" (Arrows) and why is it localized?

I am writing on an extension in java that is supposed to work on different localized LO’s .
I want to change the arrow type for a line. To do that I use the property “LineStartName” and “LineEndName”. xConnectorProps = (
                UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, sh);
		if (xConnectorProps==null) {
			System.err.println("Could not create XPropertySet");
			return null;
		String strStart=((String)xConnectorProps.getPropertyValue("LineStartName"));
        xConnectorProps.setPropertyValue("LineEndName", strStart);

It does not work. First strStart is in danish not English (That must be a bug). I expected something like “Arrows 1”. Instead I got the danish word “Pilespidser 1”.

Second I cannot set LineEndName property to strStart. Can anyone give me a proper English property of a arrow, so I can try it out? It actually works on OpenOffice 4.1.9