How to get value of cell V21 to clipboard in active sheet macro?

Like in topic. Can anyone help me write a macro? Please:D

Option Explicit
Sub CopyToClipboard
  Dim oDoc, oDispatcher
  oDoc=ThisComponent      ' Calc document
  With oDoc.CurrentController
    .select .ActiveSheet.getCellRangeByName("V21")
    oDispatcher = createUnoService("")
    oDispatcher.executeDispatch(.Frame, ".uno:Copy", "", 0, Array())
  End With
End Sub  

sokol92 thank you for your help. Macro works as I wanted.

Is it possible to do this without selecting the cell?

About methods of working with the clipboard: search word “Clipboard” in A.Pitonyak’s book OOME_4_0.odt.
What is the reason for the desire to avoid selecting cells?