How to get Writer to save page rotation?

Windoze 10
It used to be, until last week or so, that when I saved a page I printed after selecting Rotate 180 degrees in the print dialog, the next time I opened that file and printed, the rotation was already there.
Now, the rotation is missing, even on files that previously kept the rotation.
How to I get Writer to save page rotation again?
The rotation is set in the print dialog.

No, I am NOT interested in going from portrait to landscape! That is a simple matter that has not failed me.

It might have only required saving the output as a PDF, but the PDF lacks the page size and rotation.
I am “used” to having to set the rotation every time I print a new file when using Microshaft Orifice, but I do not expect it from LO!

This particular print job has more than 100 different files that must be printed on demand, usually one at a time.
The CD sleeves these files print on will not feed reliably when “right side up”, hence the need to rotate.

If I could rotate the label design within Writer, that would eliminate the need to do it in the print dialog, of course, but I do not see anywhere that this can be done without rotating and aligning each bit of text and image individually.

Here is a picture of what I need to do:

Please edit your question to explain what is your intent with page rotation. Do you want to have lansdcape vs. portrait pages? Do you set this orientation in the print dialog without changing the page aspect of your document?

Mention you OS name and LO version.

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Further to the suggestions by @ajlittoz, in what format is the file being saved? Is it .odt or .docx or something else?

If do you save the file, then set the 180° degrees rotation, print, and closes the file, it won’t save the rotation. Save icon in the status bar won’t become red if you only make changes in the printer settings.

So—before closing the document—set the 180° degrees rotation, and save.

You can still save after printing without making any further alterations. Just click the Save icon or Ctrl+S, the printer settings will be saved in the file. Well at least on my LO Win 10 20H2

Your comments overlook the detail that I did it the way you describe. It worked the way you said for a long, long time, but stopped working that way just over a week ago.
The files are being saved as .odt. The original files were in .docx, but I get more reliable results from .odt and the rotation used to be saved.

I suspect it is something to do with the Windows updates to fix the printing problems caused by KB5000802. Since the KB5001330 update the LibreOffice print dialog for my Brother printer lists A4 as 1778 mm x 2515 mm (however, prints fine, also reverse print [upside down] works too). I see a couple of bugs posted with HP 8600 printer not rotating, tdf#141017 & maybe tdf#137088

Possibly, updating your printer driver might fix the issue.

I certainly hope so!!
My printer just had a firmware update today and I will be watching to see if that makes a difference.
I was not yet aware of those issues with the KB5001330 update. That would explain a lot!

What you describe is a twisted procedure. You should design your CD sleeve in landscape mode (page style orientation) and print “normally”. The print driver will then rotate automatically your document without further manual action.

Your present “trick” has a flaw: the driver prints the document rotated on the sheet without requesting a new layout. To illustrate this, imagine your document has enough text so that it is vertically larger than the paper width. When you print it rotated, you end up with a lot of white space at right and two sheets.

The correct way to handle your case is to customize the page style for orientation and set the margins to describe the effective printing area as it is in the printer. The margins must include the unused area beyond the tray sliders needed to guide the CD sleeve in the DIN Ax or US format tray.

This setting, styles and initial/dummy content can be saved in a template.

It is even possible to retrospectively template existing files.

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As I understand your comment, I would achieve only 90 degrees of rotation, not the 180 degrees I need.
I do use a custom size with custom margins. The issue is that the paper sleeves only feed properly upside down and I need to have the printing match that orientation.
The sleeves are loaded in the photo paper tray and letter paper is in the main tray so that I can print “normal” pages any time and the CD sleeves as I need them.

Apologies for misreading the angle. I was blinded by my own use case and my printer driver does not offer print rotation/mirroring.

Make sure that in the menu Tools > Options > Load/Save > General, the option Load printer settings with the document is checked.

Else, use a table with rotated text and rotate the picture in Draw before pasting it in Writer, or better do that with a picture manager on a temporary version of the picture.

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Load printer settings with the document is checked. It has been all along.

Then if it used to work and then it suddenly stopped, do you remember any change to your machine? A LO upgrade for example?

You can try to reset your LibreOffice user profile (rename it) but not sure it would work.

Else, you can use tables for such design and rotate the text the way you want with the Text orientation setting of the cells.

The only change I know of has been a routine Windoze update.
I will keep trying these suggestions and looking into what else might affect this.