How To Go To Normal Mode From Safe Mode

I upgraded from 7.1.5 to I was advised I was in Safe Mode. I went through the posted list of ways to switch to Normal Mode. None worked. Please advise what I should do to make the switch. Please note that my knowledge of computer basics is very limited. Your help would be very appreciated.

The same way:

Safe Mode

I’m afraid I don’t understand your reply. What do you mean by “The same way: Safe Mode”?

The document you mention above makes the same suggestions that are in the document I received when I start LibreOffice. None of them worked.

I suggest going back to then. There might be an issue with Skia in (tdf#144434) that affects only some users, maybe LO cannot start in normal mode.

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Thanks EarnAl. A question. How do I go back to

At the bottom of the download page is a list of available versions, the link to 7.1.5 should work, else the archive (linked from download page) has all previous versions

I still have the 7.1.5 installation file. Do I just have it install in the folder where is located? Wouldn’t object?

You could see if it will install over the newer version, otherwise uninstall the previous version.
If you are going to uninstall it might be worth backing up your user profile first so you don’t lose templates, user dictionary, etc.

Hi EarnestAl.
I found my error. When entering the preliminary info for the programme I forgot to add one piece of info. When I finally got it in the installation went perfectly.
Many thanks for your help.