How to gradient fill the data series in chart according to values in Calc?

At present, the gradient fill in the series is showing full gradient from green to red as in the following image:

image description

What I want is fill the gradient according to the value of the data series like below:

image description

Clear difference is visible in “Saturday” series. In the first image, the gradient is full from Green to Red, but in second image, which I created through editing the first image in Krita, is showing gradient of Green color only, it doesn’t reached to Red.

How to do this in chart in Calc?

Hello B Nikunj,

I hope someone else finds a better solution. This one is not quite trivial and probably not suitable for passing on to third parties who are not aware of it.

image description

I have imported a picture with a green to red gradient (created in Gimp) under Data Series - Area - Bitmap - Import.

Then you have to make sure that the Style Custom position/style is entered in Options. Size width ~ 7cm height 1 cm. You have to adjust these values for the size of your diagram. If you set the width to short, the bar will not be displayed all the way to the end. I made a frame around the bars so you can see it if it happens. Enter position middle left. Don’t set the hook at scaling. Then it already looks quite good.
I’ve attached my file to you here once. There the png is already imported.



I hope this helps you.

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Thank you for taking time to answer.

This method could solve the problem but it is not comfortable.

User has to consider the size of the chart and create the gradient image accordingly. If the image is not proper according to the height/width of the chart/bars/column of the chart OR the chart is resized, then the bars won’t show the gradient properly.

I am in confusion whether I should mark the question as answered or not. :-p