How to have different margins in the same page in Writer

I have a letter head setup to 1 inch margins.
Sometimes I need to insert table in this page and need to reduce right and left margins to 0,5 in, for example, to fit the table.
In Word I can reset the margins “from this point forward”, insert the table, and then reconfigure the margin just after the table (and in the same page) to 1 inch using “from this point forward”. I failed to find a way to do that in LO. I tried to follow the instructions to create a new page style, but got confused with the box “next style”.
Can someone point me to some tutorial to accomplish this?
Thanks a lot.

Margin is for a complete page. You can use paragraph indents,¹ or sections indents.²

¹ Choose menu Format - Paragraph… - Indent & Spacing tab.

² Choose menu Insert - Section… - Indents tab.

More LibreOffice Help on Indenting Paragraphs and on Section Indents.

“In Word I can reset the margins “from this point forward”,”

This is a quite illogical thing. Fortunately the LO has not such “irregular rule”.
You can adjust the margins different value in the different Page styles only.
(Of course you can use different left/right margin values in one page)

As already mentioned by @LeroyG, margins are defined in a page style and remain the same all over the pages laid out by this style.

In principle, margins are absolutely no-print areas. Consequently, you use case can be handled in two ways.

  • define your margins for the most stringent case (the largest table) and adjust the indents of the paragraph styles to simulate larger margins

    Although this method is the most conforming one, it can quickly become a nightmare if the table width varies from letter to letter or if you have several tables with different sizes.

  • keep your standard margins and make room for special paragraphs or wide tables

    Play with paragraph indents to give them negative values.

    Insert your table as usual and go to Table>Table Properties Table tab. Select Center alignment and set a negative left spacing. The same spacing will be added to right. The table now extends inside the margins.

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The suggestion to use negative values helped. Thank you.