How to have the base point in LibreOffice Draw be centered by default?

It would be very helpful to have the base point in LibreOffice Draw be centered by default as that is the most common base point people will use.
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Same question at Can I have base points set to center by default?

Don’t speak for others without asking them.
Anyway, you can file a request at bugzilla setting Severity field to enhancement; then, share the bug number here. Thanks.

The base point always returns to the left/top corner on reopening the dialog.
Position and Size (Text Box and Shape)

Libre Office stores internally only the coordinates for left, top, right and bottom.
It has no field to store the flag that the coordinates should describe the mid point, or any other reference point.
That is because of the stable standard file format for odg files.
Hence it is not possible to store this information.
The selection of the base point in the dialog is only an aid for calculating the corresponding coordinates for left, top, right, bottom
if the user wishes to select a suitable base point himself.

Thanks, however, couldn’t there be a setting in the software to have center location as the default option when opening the settings? Generally people would want the center location of an object, not a corner.

I am agree with you. But I am not a developer, only user. My suggestion came from the knowledge of the internal XML format of the odg files, it is an estimation only.
But I have an one idea more: The topic is using smooth numbers for positioning. You can define a grid, for example with solution 1 mm, and activating “snap to grid”. Now, if a shape has a non smoothed x-size for example 2.4 mm, but the mid point is on a smooth position, for example 123 mm, then the edge points are 121.8 mm and 124.2 mm, non smoothed. But the calculated mid point with this given edge points is smoothed, just 123. Then automatically snap to grid and also the position dialog should use the mid point as default. That is my idea, may be user friendly.

Can anybody of the developers answer to this, and make a requirement or Request for change from this idea???

As @LeroyG commented earlier, if you want to request an enhancement then it must be done in the bug reporting site. See How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki