How to hide all comments in Calc (Libre Office 4.2)?

Since last Libre Office update, all comments on a Calc page are appearing, obscuring view of cell content, and the only way to hide them seems to be to click on the individual cells, one at a time. When the sheet is re-opened the next time, all the comments are visible again. Very annoying, please help!

This must be a newly introduced bug.
With .xls the comments act as expected, but as .xlsx they all show, when they shouldn’t.

Click on the blank top-left box of the rows-columns header, to select all cells, or the range you want, and right-click on any cell on the selected range and select hide.

Thank you: so simple, yet it worked! I feel very stupid now, but can’t tell you how relieved I am!

This hides the comments in the open sheet, but when I close it and re-open I have the same problem. Can the file be saved as it appears when I close it?

In version, this showing all comments all the time is there, for at least the .xlsx file format.
What setting needs to be set to have comments only show when the mouse hovers over the cell?
Saving as .xls works, but why not in .xlsx?

But saving as .xls means having to deal with the row heights problems, which means we have to choose between not having comments always show vs. normal editing of cells causing rows to get higher when they shouldn’t.
We have to decide which bug causes the least problems.

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You can check this extension:

It worked super for me. Also supports xslx xls and odf formats.


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