How to hide an audio icon on an Impress slide?


LibreOffice V. macOS

I can successfully add an audio file to a slide via the “Insert audio or video” icon. I would like to hide the audio icon on the slide however. When I run my presentation in presentation mode, I do not want the audio icon to be visible.

I found this post from 2020 years back:

Unfortunately, it appears that there was no answer to the question so I thought I would ask again. Perhaps the newer releases support hiding the audio icon?

I can edit the location of the icon to be off-screen. I did this:

  1. Inserted the audio file on the slide.
  2. Set the x,y position of the audio icon to be off screen (e.g. -1.00, -1.00)

I can still find the audio element via the Navigator, so it’s really not a problem that the audio icon is not visible on screen. I was just hoping there was a better way to do this…!


Well, I figured out one solution…

In edit mode, I just dragged the audio icon to be off the visible slide area. In presentation mode, it does not appear. So, this works adequately…

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or attach an action to a textbox (or image or other slide object): play audio.

select textbox > right click > interaction > select play audio

audio is played in presentation mode upon clicking the textbox

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Ah…! Thank you…!

Sigh… it is a career specialization to learn just one tool such as Libre Office…! So many features to learn…!

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I noticed one other interesting behavior.

When I click the “Insert Audio or Video” icon on the menu bar and then ‘insert’ an audio file, it seems to save the audio file in the .odp file (I see the size of the .odp file on disk increase).

However, if I drag and drop a file from Finder (macOS) directly onto the slide (and then save the .odp file of course), the file size remains the same.

Interesting. Does anyone know if this difference between ‘menu selection’ and ‘drag and drop’ is intentional in the design of LibreOffice?