How to hide the escape character before equal sign?

I want to show the contents of a formula.
From the LibreOffice wiki:

Telling libreoffice calc that a
formula is meant to be text:

If you
want to fill a spreadsheet cell with
text that looks like a formula,
libreoffice can be hindered from
evaluating this formula by preceeding
this formula by a single quotation
mark (’).

If I do this, the escape character (=the single quote sign) stays visible.
When protecting a number link in ('2012) the escape character is not visible.
I expected the same for the equal sign, but it stays visible. Is this a bug?

You can switch the display mode (formulas or values​​)

You can also use the function FORMULA

Testing the ‘display mode’, the equals sign stays visible (and Array Formulae displayed “###” instead of the actual formula)

Testing the function FORMULA, the equals sign was also displayed (and Array Formulae were correctly displayed)

You can use the T function. ‘=T("=A1")’ will show as “=A1”.