How to hide the recent files screen on login

When opening libreoffice, the first thing you see is the huge shortcuts to recent docs, in this in ours and many cases, a severe security risk for confidentiality.

I dont want to disable recent files, if I click on the sidebar button for recent files, I want to see that list, just not as a default thing when opening libreoffice, google seems to show the way to disable it is to completely disable recent files, which is not something we want to do, we want to keep them but have privacy as well.

Call it ol fashioned but the splash screen in that large right pane would be a better thing, or at least an option to have it that way, it is actually what is holding us back from moving from Apaches Openoffice to Libreoffice, OO only shows the splash, it would be nice if LO could to, or maybe it does and I just have not to find out where that config option is?

I, too, don’t like this screen, considering it is a waste of time because I must click before being ready to work.

If you know what you intend to do, open directly the component instead of a generic LibreOffice leading you to this control centre screen. Usually you know you’ll work on a text document, a spreadsheet or a presentation.

The main “components” are Writer, Calc, Impress and Base. Create a desktop shortcut launching the required component. You can then remove the generic shortcut.

Alternatively, use your OS application menu.

The Windows installer puts only a generic shortcut on the desktop, while Linux installer inserts component shortcuts in the hierarchical application menu (only Math is missing, but Math is better launched from Writer’s Insert>Formula.

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On Ubuntu 18.04 & others have Math also in the menu. Just an FYI.