How to highlight certain points in a xy chart?

I have a simple xy chart of about 1000 coordinates. I want to highlight 4 points that are of importance there. I want it to clearly show the x and y values for those points and/or have straight lines from those points to the x and y axis, and preferably to also be able to label them with a small word. How can I do this?

You need to format a single data point, for each of the points in question. Double-click on the chart to place it in Edit mode. Then single-left-click on the data point. This will highlight all of the data points! Single-left-click again on that point. This will highlight just that point. Now right-click that point. A menu will appear that has at least some of the things you want to do (Format Data Point, Insert Single Data Label, etc). When you are finished, left-click on a cell outside of the chart to exit Edit mode. Good luck.

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