How to I move the print area/page break

I cant seem to move the horizontal print range/page break lines in the attached document. Do I need to move the print range or the page break. please refer to the document, I want to print two tables in the first second and third withe last table by itself. PLease help or advise.
number of sales to revenue portrait.ods

You have nine tables in there so I presume you want a fifth page. You can the define the print range (also any repeating rows or columns) in Format > Print Ranges > Edit but LO picked it up anyway.

Probably the easiest is to click View > Page Break and, starting at the top, drag the page boundaries (blue lines) to where you want them.

Other options are available in Format > Page or in File > Print Preview where you can visually drag margins, alter scaling, and preview effects. Cheers, Al