How to I prevent the "Import Options" pop-up from appearing every time I paste from a website?

I have set all of the language options in LibreOffice Calc to “English (USA)”; however, the Import Options popup still appears. Is there a “don’t annoy me; use the defaults” option somewhere?

Thank you for your time.

What kind of content are you trying to paste?


Is there a “don’t annoy me; use the defaults” option somewhere?


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Thank you.

This is probably the most annoying “feature” or bug for normal use in LO Calc. Wonder what the real problem is and what it would take to make selection(s) persistent.

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Your comment is pointless, since I’m only the bearer of the answer and your comment doesn’t hit any developer (almost all users answering questions on this site, are users of LibreOffice as well - and no developers). If you find that a “bug” or an “annoying feature” you need to address developers filing a bug report or enhancement request at

There are so many annoying features in Libre Office, which are totally beyond my comprehension. Sadly said, UX is horrible in Libre Office. Don’t you agree? I’m afraid that they don’t take into account valuable users remarks at all. Otherwise, the program would have been improved long time ago.

Just found a solution to this on another thread on here (which I’ve now lost…so can’t credit the person who posted this solution but am v. grateful to them)
Before pasting press F2 or double click the cell you want to paste into so you see the cursor in the cell. And you won’t (hopefully - I don’t now) get the annoying pop up.
I’m new to Linux, first time using CopyQ which I thought was causing the problem not calc until I found all the threads on here! Pasting into calc is something I have to do regularly so this was almost a deal breaker for me…