How to import a list style

I am aware that a similar question has already been asked and answered. However, the solution doesn’t seem to work for me. I must not understand something. So, let me ask it again.

I run Linux Mint 18, Libre Office 5. After a great deal of work, I have managed to create a list style that works for me. I have it present in one .odt document. Now, I want to import it into a new .odt document. I read that I can do the following: 1) Bring up the “Styles and Formatting” pane. 2) Click on the icon for “List Styles”. 3) Press the “down arrow” for “New Style from Selection”. There is more, but this is where I get stuck. When I click on the icon for “List Styles”, the down arrow is greyed out. It is not greyed out when I click on the “paragraph styles” icon. It is the same for all my documents, far as I can tell.

What am i missing? :slight_smile:

New Style from Selection is intended to update a style from the text currently selected. As it appears, you can’t select (at least to do useful things) the numbering from a style. Consequently, developers seem to have disabled the menu for frame and “list” styles.

This is infortunate because it disables all commands, notably Load Styles… which imports from files.

However, Load Styles… is a global command acting on all styles. You can then invoke it from any selected style family, for instance from paragraph styles.

This will open a dialog.

  1. Select which style families you want to import into the current document

Note that paragraph and character styles are merged under the single “Text” family.

  1. Click on the From File... button

  2. Select the document containing the styles to import

  3. Click OK

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Have graduated to Linux Mint 19 and LibreOffice 6.0. And, yes, the above answer seems to work OK. Thanks.