how to import, and set up fields and forms.

Have 86000+ lines in txt file to export to database. need help with that and setting up the fields,forms, &c. Please. Fields are:


A ‘live’ example:;.zip;80,785;7/20/2012; 1:35:30 PM; [J:\#0\SetI_Wryt\MyWriting0\AllWrit001\];Count=8;

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No executables please.

maybe this will help (or maybe not)
I had to import an “xls” file (one sheet) into database (essentially a single table DB, so it worked well)

  1. created a new DB
  2. opened “xls” file, selected and copied the headers and all the lines I wanted to import
  3. in the database program, i left click on the “table” icon (to select that i was in correct place)
  4. down in the lowere frame “Tables” - do a “right click” - select “paste”
  5. then brings up the “import” dialog.
    5b) theres an option there to use field names from first line (was handy)

that might give you some ideas…

forgot: you MUST allow the import dialog to create an index field, or else the new DB will be read-only.