How to import contacts from Outlook into Base?

We have 100’s of contacts backed-up in Outlook, but would like to import them into Base. When trying to import them, Base program doesn’t seem to recognize the Outlook .pst format. (We no longer have Outlook software, only the back-ups.) Thank you.


Import your pst-files into Thunderbird  
Export them into  CSV-file(s)  
Import CSV-file(s) into Base  

Thunderbird is a free software from Mozilla.

If you import them into Thunderbird, you can avoid exporting to CSV and reimporting into Base by just setting up a read only connection to your Thunderbird address book as a datasource (using the db creation wizard). If you then want to copy over the data into a writable database, you can do so by drag and dropping your Thunderbird imported PST table onto your new ODB window and letting the data migration wizard help you.