How to import-export Visio files in LO v4?

I am new to LibreOffice; checking it out for working on Mac with Visio docs. Opening and saving Visio files is list under new features for v4. I installed v4.02 on my Intel Mac (10.6.8). When I open a .vsd doc, LO opens it as read-only. So I save it as an .odg and open that. I make a change, then try to SaveAs or to Export. Neither option lists any file formats that have anything to do with Visio (no VSD or any others). Is there something other than a standard Mac install (drag app to Apps folder on the .dmg window) to enable this capability? Is there something else that I need to do in addition what I described above in order for LO to open/edit/save Visio files? Thanks…

The Filters section of the release notes indicate there is “support” for Visio files. Clicking on the link to the developer website which contains more details indicates “LibreOffice 4.0.0 will be able to open ALL Visio files” however no mention is made of being able to save to the Visio format. For now I would say that likely sums up the situation. The ability to write files in Visio format (VSD) may be provided at some point, however one important point of open source software is to encourage the use of open file formats.

Hi. Thanks for the response. So if I understand correctly you are saying the following:
(a) There is definitely no alternative to the steps I described above that would give me access to additional Visio-related capabilities (e.g. save to a Visio format), in other words there is nothing that I am missing or have to install separately. Correct?
(b) The phrase “support for all Visio formats” actually means only that you can open a Visio file as read-only. Correct?

That would be my understanding. The term “support” is always contextual. If I create a DOCX reader that can open a document containing only the letter “a”, then I effectively support DOCX. The level of support however is very basic. The developers are basically stating (at least for now) that all Visio file formats can be read. I can’t find anything that suggests Visio file formats can be written.

FYI it seems you can also embed Visio in Impress documents. Still don’t see a way to save in yet in the stable releases of 10/2014.