How to import Quatro-pro

I have a number of older QP files I would like to convert to LO. my QP license expired when I started using LO

You don’t say what you have already tried. I tried to open a .qpw file with Calc and got garbage which I could not rectify.

Then I tried to simply copy the data (no charts) from QuattroPro using Copy Cells and this worked alright using Paste Special → Unformatted Text into Calc. But then you will have to apply formatting to the affected cells and to reconstruct all your formulas and charts. It seems tedious but do-able. There might be a better way.

"my QP license expired … "

Is this what your question is really about? How to access your QuattroPro data using LibreOffice after the QP licence has expired?

AFAIK only the old .wb1 .wb2 .qp1 .qp2 spreadsheet file formats are supported. Try to open the files from within Calc. If they open then save as .ods files. If they don’t open or don’t open as expected then probably the file format version is not supported. All this should be independent of whether your QuattroPro license is expired or not.

In fact, DOS spreadsheets had extension .wq1 and .wq2. Newest versions of LibreOffice (for instance 6.2) may also be able to open .wb3 files and some .qpw spreadsheets ; however the import filter currently ignores the charts (expected when converting .wq1,.wq2 files where I added some crude code to retrieve them).