How to import & refresh data from cvs-text file in a sheet

Hi all,

I am just transitioning as an excel power user to libre office and I am missing the complete functionality to load / import / connect to text files and any other type of databases …

What I want to do is “refresh” the sheet within an xlsx-file that contains the imported data from a text file (here: a cvs file that selected rows are imported).

Excel provides me with a “refresh” function that allow me to select the cvs-file and then just performs the import as it has originally been specified.

Right now, I have trouble to importing any data into a sheet. (No issue to “open” the cvs file as a new file by itself - but that is not what I need to do. Sure, I can copy / paste the data into my xlsx-file, but that would be a tedious way to have that Excel-function mirrored in libre office.

So any hint to the relevant documentation that I just cannot find will be helpful.

Thank you,

OK, I now found the menu entry “Link to External Data …” that will allow me to specify the input file and the columns to load in the sheet. However i am still missing the (manual) “refresh” operation (that would also allow me to specify a file with similar structured but different data). Also the MS Excel would allow to specify that adjacent formulas would be automatically “copied” for each row of the data that was imported. Any chance to have a similar behavior in LibreOffice?

However i am still missing the (manual) “refresh” operation

Edit -> Link to External Files... and button Update (or you click button Modify, which allows to set an automatic update frequency)