How to improve formating in Libreoffice for MS Office documents?

I have installed Libreoffice at home, while at my office uses MS Office. I have some documents and spreadsheets created in MS Office. When I open them in Libreoffice, the formats looks different. Tabs and Spacing formats looks different. And if I edit them and then open it in MS Office then, there it looks different.

I would request the team to unify and make the documents appear the same way as they do in MS Office.

How to improve formating in Libreoffice for MS Office documents?

Which MS Office format do you use? Please try it with .doc. That binary format is very old, so that in the meantime the import and export filter cover a lot of corner cases. Or do you use ODF format in MS Office?

When ever you notice differences, try to reduce the documents as far as possible to isolate one problem. Then ask here with such reduced document. It might be, that an enhancement for the filters is needed. But it is likely that you can get concrete tips, what to use or not to use in that concrete case, and get workaround suggestions. It is difficult to help with the only information “looks different”.

Better use Office’s formats with both than use ODF with both.

The problem is not LibO but MS. MS does not follow the ODF-standard fully and has different formats in MS Office SW depending on which version are you using. LibO sticks to the ODF standard.

Additionally the LibO team does a lot of efforts to catch up with the changing MS formats. It is said that LibO version 4.3, includes more enhanced filters to match MSO’s format. If you don’t use 4.3 yet, this could be a possibility.

A look at this link could be interesting: