How to include both number and reference in cross-reference to a heading?

In LIbreoffice Writer I want to insert a cross reference to a heading (Insert > Cross-references, Type: Headings), but I would like that the reference includes both the number (e.g., 3.2) and the reference or name (e.g., Section Three Point Two); i.e., “3.2 Section Three Point Two”. I can have the field show either number or reference, but not both.

Only workaround I could think of was to insert two fields next to each other, the first referencing to number, and the second to reference/name, but that is error prone because it involves two separate fields.

Is this possible? Does anyone know if someone is working to implement this?


Why error prone? It references the same reference but each field displays a different property.

Because one has to make sure that both are pointing to the same heading. It may sound trivial, but I think it’s safer (and easier) if one could include both number and name in the same field. Do you know if there is a way to do that or if someone is working on such a feature? Thanks

Don’t close the Fields box (CTRL+F2) while you are inserting your references, move it out of the way while you add space or other separator in your text. The selection stays selected.

Why isn’t it a feature? Let’s say there are 3 properties if we include page number then there are 12 combinations and permutations, add in different separators, e.g. spaces, page, pg, “,”, etc. and you’ll have a massive list instead of just 3 properties.

Thank you. I didn’t say it wasn’t a feature. I was just wondering if it was possible to have a field which combined both number and name because I thought it could be a frequently used combination. In the Document tab of the Fields dialog there are fields such as “File name”, “Path” and “Path/File name”. Here too the user can combine “Path” + “/” + “File name”, but still it looks as if it was decided to provide a combination, I guess maybe because it must be a common one.
I just wanted to know if there was a way to do it, or if someone was working on one. That was all. Thanks!