How to increase font size in Xray?

Using Xray rev 6.0 en.
I never had this problem in the past, but I can’t read the information in Xray anymore. Maybe the font size in Xray has decreased, or maybe the font itself has changed to something that is hard to read. It’s not my eyes, because the contents of Xray is the only thing on my screen that I can’t read anymore.
Is there a fix? It’s really annoying, I have to use a magnifying glass on my screen to read the information.

LibreOffice version?
Have you tried remove and reinstall the XrayTool?
Is it happened only with the XrayTool Form?
Can you upload a screenshot here?

The XrayTool has a StarBasic based source code. Have you checked the source code: if there is some command to modify the font/font size in the code?
Did you any changes related to the Fonts in the LibreOffice settings or in the settings of the operating System? What operating System are you using?

Thanks for replying! Reinstalling the XrayTool had no effect, but your suggestion of looking at the source code paid off. It never occurred to me that XrayTool is a macro, so I had a look at the code and identified the sub where the font is set. I also fixed a few other annoyances like the form being rather small and the list of properties not being alphabetically sorted by default.

To answer your questions: LO 6.4; yes, Xraytool form was the only place where the font had changed. No I had not altered fonts in LO or the OS. OS is linux mint 19.3 MATE.

A before and after image was uploaded at xraybeforeafter — ImgBB

Xraytool is a macro in Libreoffice, so the code can be found with the other macros (alt-F11).

To increase font size: Mod3 has a subroutine called “initConfigData()” where DisplayFontHeight and DisplayFontWidth are set.

Yes, i see now: there is a configuration button on the UI form of the XrayTool, and there is an option for adjust Font height and width property on the “next” step of settings.

That is a much more elegant solution, tnx!