How to increase spacing between ordered list counters and paragraph?

The problem shown in the image below occurs when using the very latest Flatpak version of LibreOffice Impress:

To describe what is happening in the image, the text from the paragraph of each numbered item is overlapping the ordered list counter. The only way to avoid this is to align the paragraph right rather than left, which is obviously not an option for anyone wanting to align their paragraphs left, that is, the great majority of people.

How do I fix this issue? Thank you very much, and God bless.

@Vanadium Edit

To reproduce the problem, assuming that you have the same LibreOffice version as I, open Impress, close the “Select a Template” and “Tip of the Day” dialogues, and create a new slide by typing Ctrl+M. You can delete the first slide now. Make sure that the new slide you created contains a section for text. You can do this by selecting the proper layout in the “Layouts” section from the “Properties” sidebar. Place your cursor into the text section of the slide you newly generated. From the “Properties” sidebar, select the dropdown directly beside “Toggle Ordered List”, and select the “1.” format. Now type anything you like as the list item, and press enter. Repeat this process until you get more or less twelve items. Click outside of the text frame for it to automatically shrink the content you typed into it.

NOTE: Depending on the font size and family, you might have to type in more items for this phenomenon to occur. Also make sure that you text is aligned left and upward. (You can select these two alignment options under the “Paragraph” section of the “Properties” sidebar.)

How can we reproduce what you tried so that we can see whether it also happens on our system, or could see where eventually you should do it differently?

@Vanadium Thank you for pointing that out. I’ve edited the question to include the replication process. Cheers.

Yes, I can reproduce this on the standard version installed with Fedora 37, It seems that the relative scaling of the width of the numbering is not correctly calculated.

Answering your question in the title is easy: edit the list settings (Format - Bullets and numbering). Having the automatic mechanism work correctly, however, will require intervention of the developpers. This issue should be filled if it is not already reported.

Thank you for your response.

…edit the list settings.

What particular list settings should I edit? I’m a bit confused, as I’ve tried multiple things already.

Thanks again, and have a great Paschal Triduum.

Format - Bullets and numbering. Also the outline styles could be edited (Tab “Customize”), but then numbering will be the default for new lists as well. And unfortunatelly, there is no way to customize the system defaults for lists (those in the tabs “Bullets” and “Numbering”), so you will need to copy that list if you want to use a similar list elsewhere.

As an alternative approach, you could create a Drawing Style with a text box in the desired format. Then you could just apply the style to a text box to quickly produce a list in the desired format. However, this way, you cannot use the textboxes that appear on an empty slide. Thus, you need to delete the placeholder (better, change the “layout” (see “Layout” in the side bar when no object is selected) and manually place the text box (that is relatively easy and reproducible if you use the grid or guides, though).

It is all a bit struggling, but that is how it currently works. There is certainly still scope for improvement in how styles are implemented in Impress.

Format - Bullets and numbering.

Ah, yes, I see now. Very helpful. Thank you so much for your time, and God bless you.