How to increase the font size of the equation in LibreOffice impress

I have prepared a ppt in which i have typed an equation/formula, But the size (font size) is small (since the font size is automatically taken while writing the formula), and if i view the ppt in slideshow style, the formula that i have typed looks very small. So how do i increase the font size of the formula that i have typed…??
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From within a Math object: Format → Font size → Base size. If you then click on the Default button, all new Math objects will use that size (even in Writer!). To change the size of a part of an expression, you have the size command:

size*2{ something }

will make “something” twice as big as the base size.

(Using experimental tools always work on copies only!)

If you have to resize lots of formulas you may feel tempted to try the user Subs (“macros”) below I just sketched for the purpose. They are coded a bit roughly and will only work in ‘Draw’ and in ‘Impress’ documents. It should not be too difficult to adapt or generalize them for ‘Writer’ and ‘Calc’.

Sub resizeAllMathFormulas(Optional ByVal pNewBaseFontHeight)
REM No resolving of groups!
If IsMissing(pNewBaseFontHeight) Then 
 pNewBaseFontHeight=InputBox("Please enter the new BaseFontHeight for ALL Math formulas.", "Resize ALL Formulas Generally", "48")
End If
For pN=0 To tDPs.Count -1
 For sN=0 To tP.Count-1
  If tS.SupportsService("") Then
   If tS.Model.SupportsService("") Then
   End If
  End If
 Next sN
Next pN
End Sub


Sub askAndResizeSelectedMathFormula()
If NOT tSel.SupportsService("") Then Exit Sub
If tSel.Count<>1 Then Exit Sub
If tS.SupportsService("") Then
 If tS.Model.SupportsService("") Then
  NewBaseFontHeight=0+InputBox("please enter the new BaseFontHeight.", "Resize Formula Generally", "48")
 End If
End If
End Sub

Hi @Lupp

It should not be too difficult to adapt or generalize them for ‘Writer’ and ‘Calc’.

See this wiki page


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