How to increase the size of non-resizable dialog windows?

Some dialog boxes have a fixed window size, which can be very inconvenient in cases like the key setup in the “Customize” dialog.

Is there any way to change LibreOffice to make the windows larger?
I would even accept to manually edit UI definition files, or any other hack for that matter.

A minimal workaround is to reduce the UI scale factor, allowing to show more list items in each list of the dialog.

It seems you understand source code. Why don’t you get in touch with the development team and tackle the issue you mentioned. This might be a forward leaning link:

That’s true.When I thought about it a while ago, it seemed that the problem is based very deep down in the widget framework, not really in LibreOffice - more like “under” it. That would mean a change could require a lot of work, and even worse, more than one organisation.
I had some hope that the situation has changed somehow - I think I have actually seen changes in this area.