How to indent header 2 in table of content

My TOC has header 1 and header 2. All look ok, except, I want header 2 to be more indented toward right. How can I do that?

  • Press F11 to open the styles list.
  • Right click Contents 2, that’s the style that will be automatically applied to the Heading 2 items in the ToC.
  • Select Modify, select the Indents & Spacing tab, and increase the indent (Before text) value. OK to confirm.

It worked ! Thanks a lot
And this applies ONLY to the ones in table of content right? NOT the ones in the main text of my book right? (I checked and it seems this way but just to make sure I didn’t miss anything)

That’s right. That’s the advantage of having separate and unrelated paragraph styles for this kind of work.