How to input data twice each month

I want to input data from cell D5 twice each calendar month. I’ve tried various ways but cannot get it to work.

for example: =IF(OR(DAY(A399)=24, A399=7), D$5,0) enters data on the 24th each month but not the 7th. Where am I going wrong.

Ive tried playing around “if and” statements also but no joy.

You are comparing apples with lettuces. Presuming that A399 contains a date, you want to check day of month in both arguments to OR:

=IF(OR(DAY(A399)=24; DAY(A399)=7); D$5,0) 

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Thank you that is working. Yes A399 is a date and i wanted D5 to be input on both the 24th and the 7th each month