How to insert a comment or signature in a document using the pen on Surface Pro?,

When writing a letter or reviewing a document I want to insert hand written comment or a signature with date using the pen on a MS Surface Pro. How do I accomplish that? If not possible now - could that be included in a future update?

I’m guessing that Insert > Shape > Line > Free-form Line will allow you to draw a signature or draw comments in your document. No underlying text of course.

Maybe Insert > Object > OLE Object.. > Further objects (create new) > [pen program] will work. I can’t test to see

I have the same problem…
until now I solve it by exporting the ODT file to PDF and I open it with Foxit Reader, then I sign the document with the “PDF Sign” function. Too long…
A direct solution in LibreOffice Writer would be preferable and faster for insert handwritten signature.
Many thanks to the libreoffice staff if they solve this problem, which is very important for my daily work with the laptop.

Go to Insert > Shape > Line > Freeform Line then use either a tablet or a touchscreen pen to write down your handwritten signature. Hope that helps