How to insert a fleuron (exotic break)?

I’m running LibreOffice on Windows 7.

I don’t know how it’s called by typographers, but the following exotic break can sometimes be found:
(sorry, can’t figure out how to insert an image instead of its link)

Can LibreOffice Writer do this?

Thank you.

I do not understand the picture. Please explain in more details what you try to achieve.

The provided image depicts what is commonly referred to in typography as a fleuron (Wikipedia) or stylised break in the text, represented by a single glyph or arrangement of glyphs. Feurons are often use to indicate sub-chapter / section breaks in content. Because they are simply text elements (drawn from a font) they can be created just like any other piece of text i.e., by creating styles that include the required Indents & Spacing, Alignment, Text flow, and Tabs values. The example shows:

  • A blank line before the first line of three asterisks.
  • Both lines with asterisks are centred.
  • The first line probably just uses spaces to separate the asterisks.
  • A blank line after the second line with a single asterisk.

Thanks for the tip.