how to insert a hyperlink to a midi without absolute url

Good day for all:

I’m writting a file .odt on music. I like that the reader listen examples clicking on a hyperlink. The music archives are played fine when they have a absolute url but I will like a relative url because I will like to pack these in a zip file and when the receiver unzip it can ear the examples.

Is it posible?


Check General and especially options

[x] Save URLs relative to file system
[x] Save URLs relative to internet

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot but I have these marked. Always put the complete home directory route: /home/my-book/chap1/doc-chapt1.odt. I need to appear: …/examples/ex1.ogg, the directory examples is in chapt1: chap1/examples.

In the help say some like The relative redirection is only possible if the document source and document target are in the same unit, condition that is accomplished.

MMM, albeit there is a caution: the emergen help always show the absolute route, but saving the file like HTML libreoffice put the relative route. I don’t need HTML for now, I need pdf.

I already proof and nothing.

You only could get that proofed, if you would extract the resulting .odt file using a zip program in insepec file content.xml. The proof-problem consist of the following:

  1. URLs are stored relative
  2. As soon as you open a file the relative URLs are shown what relative means on the current location. Hence again you see something which looks like an absolute path. Just make a simple test and copy the file, being set for relative URLs, to a very different location and again you will see something looking like the absolute address. This happen due to the translation process of the relative URL into What file does the relative address point to based on the current location of the file? This is another example that What is store in a file (stored data) and What is shown to the user (the data representation) are different things.


This is an example of what is stored in content.xml for a linked image in a test file just created (and href= starts with ../../..):

<draw:frame draw:style-name="fr1" draw:name="Image1" text:anchor-type="char" svg:width="6.9252in" svg:height="4.3138in" draw:z-index="0"><draw:image xlink:href="../../../Images/Link-To-Image-Of-Question.png" xlink:type="simple" xlink:show="embed" xlink:actuate="onLoad" draw:filter-name="&lt;All images&gt;" loext:mime-type="image/png"/></draw:frame>

but when I unset View -> [ ] Images and Chart I see a full path evaluated from current doc path + relative path.

You are all right. I examined these file and I find the relative url, when I export to pdf, all work fine. Thanks Opaque. I was making something wrong :(. Now I can retake my work in LO ;-). Thank a lot again.