How to insert a page break in LibreOffice for writers


I put the cursor where you want the page break and press Control >+> Enter and it doesn’t work. Why? It always did before in Open Office. I also see that it isn’t really a + that way as in Windows 10 you have to press “shift” to create a +. Do I have to press Control >Shift >+ >Enter instead? I see a blue dotted line go across the bottom of the page where I want the break, only when I test it and go to the first blank line on the next page and hit delete to see if it actually made a break, the cursor simply goes back to the page before, and also with the page before where I had the cursor on the last blank line and hit delete going forward it just goes to the next page like a page break doesn’t exist, and also the blue dashed line disappears. Back with Open Office such a test worked and there was a Page Break right where I inserted it. Why doesn’t this work with OpenLibre?


Ctrl + Enter works for me.

I see a blue dotted line

That is how a break is displayed.

and hit delete

What for? I conclude from your description that you merely cancel a page break you just created.

Advice: enable View>Formatting Marks to see what’s happening.

Do you press three keys: Ctrl + Enter ? The page break shortcut is only two keys Ctrl and Enter. No + involved.

I also see that it isn’t really a + that way as in Windows 10 you have to press “shift” to create a +.

No idea how to undertsnd this. Can you help?

The Shift+ / Ctrl+ / Alt+ / Ctrl+Shift+ notations and the like never imply the “+” key. The modyfiers must just be pressed in advance of and while the key to be modified gets pressed. Was this clear?

To enter a “+” may require to use the Shift modifier. Basically this shouldn’t depend on the OperatingSystem, but on the keyboard layout. US standard keyboards have the “+” as the Shift modified “=”.

Hi! Yes gabix, you are right on! What a fool I am! With the old Open Office instead of LibreOffice when I put in a page break I couldn’t backspace into the page before and vice versa, from the page before I couldn’t delete ahead and get into the next page, so that to me seemed the true test. With the new LibreOffice it must be different. So every time I was deleting it, defeating my own purpose, and need to look out for the blue dashed line. You saved me because I wanted to tell a formatter I might hire that I already put the page breaks in which would lessen his job and maybe lessen my bill. So defeating my own purpose… an all to common theme in my life ha!

ajilittoz The old instructions were Ctrl + Enter, maybe now it’s only Ctrl Enter. Because it seemed not to be working I then realized that just maybe it actually takes the Shift to create a pagebreak to make the = sign turn into a + sign, but I guess it’s just an error in wording, or depending on the keyboard.

Cont’d from above Comment from Winfred J… I have a Dell keyboard and Hewlett Packard desktop business grade computer I bought used on August 27thstrong text. I see its called the “ProDesk” and has “Intel Core i5” a model that’s several years old, but it has been working very well.

Lupp, I think you just need to press that particular key that has the + sign on it is what they mean. Also another comment was such that trying to also press Shift to be sure it’s a + isn’t necessary. Look for the blue dashed line as that indicates your page break was successfully installed.

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Lupp! Sorry!! take a look at floris v answer below where the + sign just means press Enter and Shift at the same time! In Help they should explain that, that’s if it shows up there that way. Thanks for having this forum!!
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Winfred J

Press the Ctrl key. Then press the Enter key, with Ctrl still down. Both have to be down for it to work. The Ctrl + Enter notation simply means first press the first key, then the second, so that both are down.


I wanted to change the foolish advice about the “+” sign to Lupp hence others, that it doesn’t mean you actually press it, it means it’s the next key you press is the Shift key. I feel foolish about it all, but you live and learn. I can’t “edit” even 3 hours later because a red window appears and says, “you can’t edit within 10 minutes of posting” ha! So I’m writing this now. Like floris v says it’s just 2 keys you press at the same time the Ctrl and Enter keys. Now maybe I helped and hope the others, especially Lupp, see this!

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It is a common convention for software documentation to tell that several keys must be pressed together by joining their names with a + sign. Absence of a + sign means that keys must be pressed consequently.

Another way is to simply use menu Insert → Page Break. Le voila!

I don’t use keyboard shortcuts because there are too many of them for me to memorize. The menus are always there and it says literally what I will get, without having to guess at the right keyboard “trick”, which I might have confused from some other piece of software.