How to insert API or simple Widget into spreadsheet

Guys I am trying to have a couple of crypto prices dynamically show in my spreadsheet.
I have tried using Insert hyperlink and External Data but with no success. I can see it appears to be achievable in Excel but I am using Calc?
I see there seems to be an extension GetRest but it only has 1 star rating so have not tried this?
Does anyone have any suggestions please.

Also, would be nice knowing the URL where to get the data. So people can test, if there is a way to do it.

Thank you I have had a look at both of these but both are not suitable unfortunately.
I will post the Widget script below
script defer src=“”>

Ok it is not allowing me to post the script here even though I have removed < from the front and > from the end??

Alternatively this API string


“currency”: “USD”,

“code”: “BTC”,

“meta”: true


API key

Plus I cannot find anywhere to download add this extension LibreOffice GetRest Plugin
Does anyone know where I can get this please?

Also I did get the External Links box to accept the following

but it shows the message on the spreadsheet “This link could not be updated” Anyone have any ideas how to solve this please?

mariosv Thank you for your response and the links. The LOC.oxt file is not installing as it comes up with an error
( { { Message = "<class ‘FileNotFoundError’>: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘C:\\tmp\\LOC_24124’, traceback follows\X000a File “C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\”, line 147, in writeRegistryInfo\X000a mod = self.getModuleFromUrl( locationUrl )\X000a File “C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\”, line 102, in getModuleFromUrl\X000a exec(codeobject, mod.dict)\X000a

The second link is far too broad for what I need as I only just need to pull 2 separate prices ie.”> <div class=“livecoinwatch-widget-1” lcw-coin=“XUM” lcw-base=“USD” lcw-secondary=“XRP” lcw-period=“d”

I think this the correct string for an API


“currency”: “USD”,

“code”: “BTC”,

“meta”: true


Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you

I don’t know if is this you’re looking for. However, could be something like this ?

Ask_ExternalCrypto.ods (16,9,KB)

Thank you Felipe. That site does not cover the coins I am seeking information on?
I searched for an extension in Libre for Ask_External and it does not find it?
I thought I might be able to designate a different price provider such as LiveCoinWatch ?

There is ready to use wrapper-lib

There is playground

There is more Documentation

@AussieWayne1 : do you really expect to find some idiot who writes the whole »crypto-currency-app« specialized to your personal needs?

Thank you kind sir but I do not expect an idiot or even a very clever person to write the whole cryptocurrency app at all. I am certainly not a developer or coder and what you have linked to is way above my knowledge level, unfortunately. But thank you for doing that.

I have put together a spreadsheet that can calculate exchange rates of two tokens given changing data points BUT I am having trouble pulling the dynamic price feed of two tokens. This is what I have been searching for help with here, nothing more.
I have now progressed to inserting the two External Links into the document, selecting Table and Automatic updates but nothing populates in the chosen cells and this is my problem.

“”(XWM World Money price today, XWM to USD live, volume, trading history, markets and chart)"" and “”(""

I only need to somehow pull the current price value of both tokens into the corresponding cells in the spreadsheet and not necessarily the other data points on these two pages. The spreadsheet will then do the calculations I have set it up to do.
Any further help or guidance from anyone would be very much appreciated :pray: