How to insert pseudo text?

I was wondering how I can insert automatically generated pseudo text to check the general document format settings. I know this kind of feature from other office suites but I can’t remember how it was used except for that I had to type a certain string of characters or going via the insert menu bar.

What I’m looking for is something like: Menu → Insert → Pseudo Text

And would get something like:

Aje salkdi scusjec liks! Duc dadulf jusf defliksdif saf …

LO4.4.3.2 on MS Windows 7

type “bt” into writer and hit F3

btF3 does not work in my LO4.4.4. Try “Lorem” and F3. This gives you the Lorem Ipsum.

@Karolus - shortcuts depend on locale (DT in English, TEX in French ). LOREM (Latin) remains LOREM.

To find them Edit AutoText unfold the Category (e.g. Standard)

To summarize the answers given by karolus, horst and peirre-yves samyn:

I was looking for the term “AutoText” (see also respective LO help) which enables someone to insert a great variety of different text categories. This can be found via… the menu entries:

Edit and then AutoText which opens the AutoText settings menu window.


I was specifically looking for the lorem+F3 shortcut.

Using bt + F3 gives indeed the following error:

image description