How to insert section into existing document

Hi Using v. I would like to create a new section in middle of my 105p illustrated document,
If I just add lines using return key I upset and damage spacing and images on all the remaining pages.
Looked under Insert tab but don’t see a clean way to do this. My section would be 2 or 3 pages.

Is it possible for me to write, for instance, a two-page article and then insert that into my main document either as a file or as a copy-paste, without harming the rest of the document? Thank you

Place the cursor in the position where you want to insert more text and start writing.

If your images move, it is probably because they are not anchored to the paragraph.

Right-click on the images and select “Anchor on Paragraph”.

To avoid damaging your relative spacing, use paragraph styles instead of empty paragraphs. Paragraph styles have a property of spacing above and below. Also follow @Hrbrgr advice for anchoring your images to the paragraph they are related to. The anchor does not prevent you from positioning if anywhere in the page, but if you have several images in the same page, take care to forbid overlap so that they are automatically repositioned.

It’s not a very good idea to start adding images when you haven’t yet completed your writing. First make sure you have written what you want to write. When the text is ready, start adding the images. That way adding text won’t disrupt your formatting.

Hi My document, which is a work-in-progress, is always being revised. New versions are offered to the public every calendar month. I always have difficulty adding new paragraphs and revising existing ones. I anchor pics to certain paragraphs but the document still gets jumbled when I attempt revisions, which then require about double the time which I estimate should actually be required. I came from Word 2002 and I had the same problem with that.

I anchor pics to certain paragraphs but the document still gets jumbled when I attempt revisions,…

To prevent clutter, I would work with manual page breaks, i.e. a new topic is always between two page breaks. This way the other topics are not affected. Unless you change something there too, then you only have to make an adjustment in the changing topics.

I can’t think of any other solution unless you are looking for another tool for your project.

but the document still gets jumbled when I attempt revisions

Looks to me your document is not structured enough style-wise. Styles in Writer are much more powerful and ubiquitous then in Word, but this implies you must use character, frame and page styles in addition to paragraph ones (the only category Word knows of).

Also if your document was originally .doc(x), the conversion process has “polluted” it to a point where sophisticated styling and control is no longer possible because of the compatibility constraint.

Last, if your document is really page-based (vs. flow based where page breaks are usually irrelevant), you should go for app like Scribus and commercial Quark XPress, but I doubt a 105p doc is page-based. So you should think really hard about the structure and design a style set accordingly. Restyling the whole document may be time-consuming but it will pay off in the end.

I had given thought to duplicating the document, removing all the images and copying the text to a new document, and reinserting images again, one at a time (all 250 of them), tying each one to a paragraph (which they mostly are now, but at present if I find one which isn’t I lose control of it if I attempt to change anchor from Page to Paragraph). It was a .doc file originally, not .docx. So, is this what you mean in order to re-structure it? – Thanks –

Yes. Copying to a new doc will get rid of the stray formatting added by converting from .doc, provided you paste as unformatted text (otherwise faulty formatting is also pasted).

Don’t anchor to page (until you know and accept what this implies) because such a frame does not follow text flow. E.g. you are presently at page 73 and anchor to this page. You reduce your doc to 50 pages. Frame remains anchored to page 73 with blank empty pages 51-72. These pages can’t be deleted unless you delete the frame. Similarly, you add text before page 73, flushing text which was close to the frame in subsequent pages. The frame is still in page 73 surrounded by different text.

Changing from page to para anchor should not be done with right-click+Anchor but with right-click+Properties so that all relevant attributes can be changed simultaneously. Better, apply a custom frame style.

OK, this is helpful. I will need to create a text-only copy and unformat it, copy-paste the text to the new doc and format it. Will investigate frame styles. I also need to create an active ToC which links to topics further down into the document. This is a sort of DIY technical manual, which has a regular following. D