How to insert subdocuments on new page in masterdocument?

I just started to work with a masterdocument and everything works fine but when I insert an existing subdocument I want it to start on a new page and not directly on the next line below where the previous subdocument ends. How should I do it?

Since this change of page must occur in the master document, insert a page break there.

If you inserted your subdocuments all following each other, this may be difficult. You must first create a Text area in your master document between two subdocs. In the Navigator view of the content of your master document, right-click on the subdoc before which you want to create a text area and Insert>Text.

Inside this text area between two subdocs, add any text you like, e.g. a page break. To make this text area unnoticeable if need be, reduce the font size of the empty paragraph holding the page break to 2 pt.

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